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Shoot! This entry would've been up by LAST WEEK at the latest... but I forgot to check my e-mail and thus forgot to post up these upload linkies. *laughs* Anyway, better late than never. And I decided to add a few more PVs to this rotation b/c of that. =) Enjoy!

Karas - Episode 2
Karas - Ep 2 pt. 1
[200 mb]
Karas - Ep 2 pt. 2
[200 mb]
Karas - Ep 2 pt. 3
[100 mb]
Remember to use HJsplit to join these files back together. If anybody needs the program, comment and I'll upload that, too.

Gundam commercial
[3 mb]
If you've watched Gundam SEED Destiny, this is waaaaaay more funny.

Death Note the Movie - teaser
[5 mb]

Death Note the Movie - trailer
[36 mb]

Tohoshinki/DBSK/TVXQ - Always There (PV)
[133 mb]
Oooooh!! SOOOO pretty!! It's slow and acapella and stuff. *_* I think I'll do a TVXQ post one day. One day...

Bi/Rain - Sad Tango (PV)
[132 mb]

Zwei - Denny (PV)
[33 mb]
Warnings: Um... S&M between women? The song's nice, though, but I don't have the mp3.

Ghost - For Dear (PV)
[47 mb]

Kawabe Chieco - Sakura Kiss (PV)(Ouran Koukou Host Club OP Theme song)
[48 mb]
This is soooo poppy and happy. O_o Download this w/ that in mind. (It's just that... the manga is so cool, so I also got into the anime. ^^)

Gazette - Anata no Tame no Kono Inochi (PV)
[56 mb]

Plastic Tree - Namida Drop (PV)(Glass no Kantai ED Theme song)
[64 mb]
PuraTuri!!! 'nuff said.

OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) - a little pain (PV)(Nana ED Theme song)
[85 mb]
OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST) - a little pain (mp3)
[7 mb]
This is a gorgeous song. But that might be because I also like the ED animation in the anime. Anyway, this is loverly!

Angela Aki - This Love (single)(Blood+ ED3 theme song)
[19 mb]
01. This Love
02. Jiyuu no Ashiato

Aoi Teshima - Teru no Uta (Gedo Senki Movie Main Theme Single)
[11 mb]
01. Teru no Uta
If you don't know, Gedo Senki is going to be the newest Studio Ghibli film. It's going to be released sometime this summer. And if you REALLY don't know, Studio Ghibli is the animation production responsible for Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Laputa, The Cat Returns, Totoro, etc. It's owned by Miyazaki Hayao.
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Yay, "Sakura Kiss," yay for Ouran High School Host Club. It falls sooo far outside the scope of the type of anime I usually watch...And yet, I love it so. It's one of my guilty little pleasures. Ohhhh, Mori-senpai, how I looooove him.
Tamakiiiiiii!!!! The "King" is so stupid, I love it. ^^ Okay, truthfully, I haven't watched much of the anime. I download the manga. And now I've started to buy it. It's just SO wonderful!
Oh, you rock. Thanks so much for the Gedo Senki single - I've been rereading the books lately, and am looking forward to the movie so much it's not funny. :)
The music is something I'm looking forward to. I just ordered the soundtrack, so I'll upload that when I get it. Or, if I'm too impatient, I'll download it right when I see it on the internet and then upload it here. ^^ Either way works!
Thank you so much for Teru no Uta ! I've been looking for it ever since I downloaded the Gedo Senki trailer from here. I'm really looking forward to this film, especially because I wanna see if Goro is as good as a director as his father !
You're welcome! I'm totally looking forward to it, too. ^^
Grabbing the nana song! Thanks!
You're welcome. =)
there's a PV out already for Sakura Kiss?! *click*click*download* :) Thank you~
Ouran Host Club is such an amusing anime. Yay for Kaoru & Hikaru!
*agrees!!* ^^ It's so amusing.
Oh my~, I'll be taking the OLIVIA & Zwei PV, as well as the Death Note stuff~.

Uhm, I don't mean to be annoying or "abusive" or something.. but will it be okay for you to re-upload some of the live clips from Plastic Tree's Hana no Moete.. DVD (specifically Seiza Zukuri, Yuki Hotaru and Tsumetai Hikari)? I can't download everything at once, soo, I tried hard to download all of 'em but still ended up missing three (the links expired (; 3;)). Uhm, if you can't up them, that'll be alright. I'll just to have to find some other way to have them~. ♥

Again, thanks for always sharing all of your awesome stuff to us~. :D
Oof, I mean Irogoto instead of Seiza Zukuri. Sorry.

Took Ghost, Gazette, and Olivia. Thanks a bunch. ^_^
i took a bunch and thanks so much vor uploading *__*
but uhm.. the bi/rain pv (sad tango) doesn't work. would you mind uploading it again ;_;?
I beg you.

Please reupload Karas 2!
And one if you can.
If you're still here and still want it, please reply back within the next week or so.


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