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I have no time this week to put up pictures or file sizes. Figure those out for yourselves. These are .avi video files of the new Plastic Tree dvd that just came out, which is a collection of live clips and their four most recent PVs. I could not convert the Ghost PV because, for some reason, when I converted the DVD files into a .avi, they concentrated most of the file size into that PV, making it a 400mb size that was the SAME quality as everything else. -_- Meh. Good job for a first try, I suppose. Anyway, here's EVERYTHING from the DVD except for the Ghost PV, which is unforunately pretttyyyy cool to watch. I'll figure something out in the future, hopefully when I'm NOT struggling through homework.

Plastic Tree - Hanamoete, Bourei no Namida, Tenmaku ni Ochiru. - Live & Clips 2005

All live clips
In one pretty .avi file. Whatever.

01 - Irogoto
02 - Melancholic
03 - Seiza Zukuri
04 - Sanbika
05 - Namae no Nai Hana
06 - Yuki Hotaru
07 - Barrier
08 - Circus
09 - Kuuchuu Buranko
10 - Tsuki no Hikari o Tayori ni.avi
11 - Uwa no Sora
12 - Dance Macabre
13 - Ghost
14 - Kaibutsu-kun
15 - National Kid
16 - Saishuu Densha
17 - Tsumetai Hikari

Backstage stuff?

Namae no Nai Hana
Kuuchuu Buranko

Obviously, these aren't .mpg files, which tend to look better. Right? I think so. Soooo... does anybody know any good ripping and converting programs (OPEN-SOURCEEEE!!! OPEEEENNN SOOUURRCCCCEEEE!!!) that I can download and use? Esp. something that allows for dvd to mpg, or avi to mpg, or SOMETHING to .mpg. Or .avi. .Avi is nice, too. ^^ Or you guys can upload these programs for me. Also, does anybody know of programs that would allow me to rip files into bigger file sizes w/ better quality? Right now, the average file sizes of the ones I uploaded are about 30-60 mb, and I would like to do a bit better than that. If not, then it's aite. Just leech and be happy. ^_____^

EDIT: I realized that there are a lot of typos and bad grammar and bad wording. I.e., from the fact that I used "bad" instead of "poor." I'm really tired and I caught a cold. Soo... yeah. Just wanted to say that. XD
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