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Within the next few days, I'll post up YSI links for the Final Fantasy XII opening movie and the 35-min movie Kakurenbo. They're gonna be leftovers b/c I want to give my friends a chance to download those files first. =) Check back soon!

I'm reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy tired. That's why all the screenshots are kinda half-assed. That, and, I thought some of them looked interesting, so I decided to just cap it and not look for a generic image of the video file. After you guys are done skimming through this, I have a question at the end of the entry. Please look at it in consideration and give me an answer, since it could benefit you.

Tohoshinki/DBSG - Asu ga kuru kara (PV) (One Piece ED)
[58 mb]
It's either ED 15, 16, or 17. @_@ Daaaamn, how LONG is One Piece?!

The Babystars - Sunday (PV) (Yakitate Japan ED1)
[69 mb]
Yes, I KNOW this is one of the TWO Babystar PVs that I keep uploading. Lemme alone, I only HAVE two. And yes, I DO wish I have more. But I don't think there's more. I ono. Whatever. BLAH!

Shockwave Illusion 1999 - Plastic Tree - Nukegara (live)
[65.6 mb]

Plastic Tree - Kuro Tent 1 (live, and more shtuff)
[472 mb]
PLEASE USE A DOWNLOAD MANAGER!!!! Oh, pleasedon'tletthislinkbepopular! Pleasedon'tletthislinkbepopular!!!!!!!!

It's gone, either b/c of YSI bandwidth limitations or 25 ppl downloaded this w/o telling me. -____- Either way, I'm kind of peeved.

Takui - Free For Free (PV)
[40 mb]

Asian Kung-Fu Generation - Re-write (PV) (FullMetal Alchemist OP4)
[90 mb]

move - Ghetto Blaster (PV)
[45 mb]
Does anybody know if move has a PV for the song Faded? I reaaaalllyyyyy love it. ^^

Pierrot - Cocoon (Sweet Trance 2001 live)
[44 mb]

Pierrot - Hill - Genkaku no Yuki (PV)
[64 mb]

Bug - New World (PV)
[71 mb]

Utada Hikaru - Colors (PV)
[49 mb]

High and Mighty Color - Pride (PV) (Gundam SEED Destiny OP2)
[67.8 mb]

L'arc~en~Ciel - Ready Steady Go (PV)(FullMetal Alchemist OP2)
[160 mb]

Takahashi Hitomi - evergreen (PV)
[272 mb]

Raphael - Hana Saku Inochi Aru Kagiri (PV)
[54.5 mb]

Raphael - Promise (PV)
[64 mb]

The Pillows - Hybrid Rainbow (PV)
[52.5 mb]

mucc - Kokoro no Machi (PV)
[99 mb]

Music (Ahhhh!! I don't wanna put up the track list. T________T)
Plastic Tree - Puppet Show (Album)
[97 mb]
01. Intro
02. May Day
03. リセット (reset)
04. 絶望の丘 (zetsubou no oka)
05. 幻燈機械 (gentou kikai)
06. 「ぬけがら」 ("nukegara")
07. 本当の嘘 (hontou no uso) -Studio Live-
08. monophobia
09. クリーム (cream)
10. 3月5日。 (sangatsu itsuka.)
11. サーカス (circus)

Tainaka​ Sachi​ -​ disillusion​ (single) (Fate+Stay Night OP1)
[38 mb]
1. Disillusion
2. Wasurekaketeita no Kana
3. Disillusion (instrumental)
4. Wasurekaketeita no Kana (instrumental)

Do As Infinity - Need Your Love (album
[69 mb]
1. For the Future
2. Blue
3. Be Free
4. Rakuen
5. Ever
6. One Flesh
7. Robot
8. Yotaka no Yume
9. Ultimate GV
10. Need Your Love
11. Na no Hanabatake
12. Hairagi (Acoustic version, bonus track)

High and Mighty Color - GooVER (album)
[63 mb]
01. GooVER
02. Notice
03. Pride
04. Naked
05. Over
06. Days
07. Sweet Escape
08. Run Run Run
09. What for...
10. Rain
11. With You

baroque - Sug Life (album)
[73.7 mb]
1. Untitled
2. Style
3. Gariron
4. Ibitsu
5. Rump
6. Hito no Iro
7. Exit
8. Ila
9. Bug
10. Nutty a Hermit
11. Sound of Respire
12. Caramel Drops
13. Graphic Noise
14. Untitled

baroque - Tokyo Stripper (mini-album)
[16 mb]
1. Irokoi
2. Koma
3. Amedama
4. Tight

The Cat Returns (Original Soundtrack)
[116 mb]
1. Opening
2. Haru Okiteiru
3. Run Tono Deai
4. Neko to Ohanashi
5. Nekoou no Gyoretsu
6. Neko no Ongaeshi
7. Munashi Houkago
8. Nazo no Koe
9. Jujigai Nite
10. Muta wo Otte
11. Youkoso Neko no Jimusho He
12. Koukyu Heno Yuukai
13. Koko ga Neko no Kuni
14. Nekoou no Shiro He
15. Nekoo
16. Neko Jungler no Rumba
17. Haragei Neko no Porka
18. Waltz Katzen Blut
19. Watashi wa Funbert von Zikkingen
20. Otorija Nezo
21. Meiro Kara no Tousou
22. Run to Yuki
23. Dassou
24. Kaereta Watashi Kaeretanda
25. Kaze ni Naru
26. Baron
27. Nekoou
28. Haru no Boogie
29. Pastorale
30. Haru no Omoide
(YAYYY!!! Done typing!)

... stupid tracklists. *copies and pastes*
陳慧嫻 (Priscilla Chan) - Untitled album, cd 1
[67.6 mb]
01 - 陳慧嫻 - 孤單背影
02 - 陳慧嫻 - 紅茶館
03 - 陳慧嫻 - 傻女
04 - 陳慧嫻 - 飄雪
05 - 陳慧嫻 - 真情流露
06 - 陳慧嫻 - 人生何處不相逢
07 - 陳慧嫻 - JEALOUSY
08 - 陳慧嫻 - 月亮
09 - 陳慧嫻 - 去吧
10 - 陳慧嫻 - 歸來吧
11 - 陳慧嫻 - JOE LE TAXI
12 - 陳慧嫻 - 戀戀風塵
13 - 陳慧嫻 - 痴情意外
14 - 陳慧嫻 - 愛和承諾
15 - 陳慧嫻 - 最後的纏綿
16 - 陳慧嫻 - 冰點
17 - 陳慧嫻 - 奇妙的旅程

Tohoshinki/DBSG - Asu ga kuru kara (single)
[27.6 mb]
01. Asu ga Kuru Kara
02. The way U are -Japanese ver.-
03. Asu ga Kuru Kara (Vocal & Piano ver.)
04. Asu ga Kuru Kara (Less Vocal)
05. The way U are -Japanese ver.- (Less Vocal)

Answer these questions
OKAY! That's everything for this rotation. Nooooow, I want to know: for future rotations, do you guys want the mp3s for all the videos that I upload? Well, mp3s for the ones I have. For the lives, I'll upload an album or single version of the song artists perform. It won't be a big hassle, since mp3s take less than a minute to upload. Now, I know a lot of ppl come here since I do post up on music comms, but I would also like to know from ppl who friended this comm, since you guys SHOULD get priority over everybody else. (Damn, should I make a poll?) I tend to not post up entries in other communities until a day or two later.
Well, from the few nice ppl who answered, I've decided to also post up mp3s for all the videos I upload. ^o^ Yay!
2nd question: Do you want this to be a friends-locked community? Seriously, it doesn't matter to me. And this second question mainly applies to members of the community. But others can answer, too, if you like. ^^; I mean, if none of the members answer this, then I'll just do what the non-members say. Or, if nobody answers, then I'll leave it as it is. Less clicking-the-mouse work for me.
Seriously, these are life-altering questions. Haha. Typo. I meant to say that these are NOT life-altering questions. Feel at ease when you answer. ^^

I'm really tired. *scurries quite-so-slowly away*
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