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silverdroplets's Journal

Spin some more!
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Well, this isn't really just a music rotation community anymore, so... *shrugs* Banner's a bit inaccurate. ^^

This is what kaiyel wanted to make since she felt that it'd be easier to handle. So there. =)

A more detailed explanation: I discovered a great deal of difficulty keeping track of people who friended me on my rotation LJ b/c they wanted to keep up w/ the updates and the communities and music LJs IIII friended myself, so therefore, might as well make my rotation LJ somewhere else so I can sort things out.

What you can find here:
I love Plastic Tree. I will ALWAYS include a Plastic Tree download w/ each new update.
My interests go all over the place, from Jrock to Cpop to instrumentals to new age to alternative to trance to ANYTHING I WANT. That's the whole gist of it all.
I try to include every types of files, from singles to albums to random mp3s to videos of anything I'm interested in (such as funny commercials or music videos). Sometimes I'll put them all in a single update, or I'll make specific updates, such as an all-video update or an all-album update or a concentration on one artist update. Etc.
For more examples, go ahead and check out what I had uploaded before on kaiyel.

There will DEFINITELY be a playlist of EVERYTHING I own. That will come sometime... umm... it depends. College sucks.

Other info:
Banner and header images taken from the anime oav series Karas. It's so gorgeous. Watch it or I'll cry.